We provide education in the following subjects

Eight year daily study 79-41-K/81 Grammar school
generally focused

  • eight year daily study finished with A-levels
  • a large selection of foreign languages with an option of passing a certified exam
  • thanks to the selection of optional subjects a wide profile of students is ensured
  • preparation for university studies

The advantage of this grammar school is a lower number of students in classrooms, which enables an individual attitude. The school is also successful at educating foreign students, it offers them courses of Czech. The high-tech laboratory and modern PC classroom enable students to develop themselves in natural science subjects, small study groups are advantageous for teaching foreign languages.

The graduates are prepared for study at universities of any specialization.

Offered optional subjects:
a geography seminar, social law seminar, economy seminar, practical administration, communication and presentation, social science seminar, foundations of marketing, mathematics seminar, natural science seminar.